About GrapeHive

GrapeHive has two purposes. First, you can keep track of businesses/restaurants/places you like or dislike. So next time you feel like takeout, you don't have to rack your brain to remember which places you actually like.

Second, you can share your ratings with your friends. So next time they're looking for a dentist, a mechanic, or a place to eat, they can benefit from your sage advice.

Why not just use Yelp?

  • GrapeHive is much simpler!
  • With GrapeHive, you know the reviews you're seeing are real.
  • On Yelp, your reviews can disappear into the "not currently recommended" black hole.
  • When you see a negative review on Yelp, was it the business's fault or was the customer a jerk? Who knows?
  • A review from a friend counts for more than a boatload of reviews from strangers.

The rating system

  • 1 = extremely negative opinion
  • 4 = completely neutral opinion: you neither like nor dislike
  • 7 = extremely positive opinion